Leyley is on a mission

To use the universal languages of music and love. To unite people across countries, cultures and climates. With a passion for people she is determined to ignite and nurture the creative spark that lies within us all.

With a diverse, mixed heritage and family all over the world, she has been travelling since she was a little girl – fuelling her enthusiasm for life and her fervent desire to bring out the best in everyone she meets.

Now, at the age of 20, with a thirsty heart and messy hair, you are invited to embark with her on the adventure of a lifetime. At the beginning of November, with her guitar on her back and smile firmly in place, she leaves the UK for six months exploring South America and the West Indies. In each country she visits, she will write a song, encapsulating her experiences. When she returns to the UK in May, this collection of songs will be compiled and recorded into her first full-length CD.

Six months, hundreds and thousands of faces, countless connections and one ultimate debut album.

Journey with her.


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